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About Us

Pets In Need Herts was founded due to being in hardship for a short period.

We were thankful Foodbank’s were able to kindly donate, but sadly they couldn’t give us the level of support needed. We thankfully were able to get help from family members.

We couldn’t get over the ever increasing thoughts that there are many people out there who don’t have family and friends to help them out, and more importantly “ what will be the outcome for their pets”

"Great service and well needed. We have struggled this month with the cost of living going up, so friendly and no judgement either."

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There are plenty of ways you can support us:

How Can We Help?

We can help people in many different ways, from providing food and toys to potentially helping with getting them seen by vets and much more.

To qualify for a free pet food donation please  submit an eligibility form along with your documentation.

Please click on the link to submit form or you can email us the form and documentation.

We can only process application and add you to our programme once all information has been submitted.

All documents are stored for one year.

We do not photocopy or take photos of your documents.

All documents are destroyed once the eligibility form process is completed.

Please provide –

A valid and up to date Photo ID

Proof of your current address

Proof of current circumstances

Proof of pet ownership

Please fill out the form below or contact us and a member of the team will be in touch!


Please email any Proof of Circumstance or any addtional information to:

"Pets in Need Herts are doing wonderful work to collect and deliver care packages to pets in need. These guys go out of their way to help, really lovely people."

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People We Can Help

We can help lots of different people feed their pets, take a look at our list below: